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Passion for all things marketing

November 20, 2023
December 1, 2023


  • Remuneration: Digital Producer (Mid) - $80 - 95k inclusive, Digital Producer (Senior) - $95 - 110k inclusive
  • Full time or 4 days per week role
  • Location: 3 days / week on site at Beechworth, North East Victoria (you can be based anywhere so long as you can travel to Beechworth for 3 days per week)

We believe that the unique contributions of all members at OBG create our success. To ensure that our products and culture continue to incorporate everyone's perspectives and experience, we never discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or marital, veteran, or disability status. All your information will be kept confidential

Applications for this role are closed.

To be transparent and accountable we share the results of our hiring processes, and share the results to help people looking for roles.
We also respond to each shortlisted candidate personally and aim to give meaningful feedback that helps them.


We were blown away by the response and humbled by the quality of respondents we got through this job ad that was published in LinkedIn 🙏 Thank you everyone who applied and put such thought and care into their application.

Overall, some people were just not quite the right fit for this specific role (some were too junior, too senior / specialised or not the right skill set), but we were impressed by the calibre of many applicants and varied backgrounds and hope there may be an opportunity to work together down the line.

How many people went through each stage:

*Applications are when someone applied on our website - applications through other platforms aren't counted unless explicitly stated for that role.

The applicants that stood out: 

  • Read the Job Description on LinkedIn carefully with a clear instruction to apply through the website (only 30% of people did this.)
  • Four applicants personally reached out to our founder Rebecca Smallchua on LinkedIn DMs expressing their interest in the role
  • They had strong writing skills / experience - which was a core requirement for the role 
  • They had additional varied experience / skills on top of writing including multimedia experience (i.e. audio / visual / video) or expressed their keen interest in developing in this areas
  • Clearly read the section about ‘what you could be doing this month’ and expressed their interest in the variety the role offers
  • Demonstrated a strong affinity to Harvey’s purpose and called out values aligned brands we work with 
  • They had an additional personal website / portfolio to share 
  • Provided very relevant work samples with an explanation that spoke to the skills we listed in the job description

Overview of the OBG

Proudly owned by the local community, the Old Beechworth Gaol is a vibrant precinct for the social, cultural and economic benefit of the region.

With us, you’re not just clocking in hours; you’re part of a pioneering movement and leading the way to ignite entrepreneurship and provide an ecosystem that harnesses the untapped potential that exists within ALL our rural communities. Intrigued? Take the first step towards a fulfilling venture.

A bit about the role

As we grow we look for ways to evolve and we want to shape our roles around people. So at the moment, this role is focused on the following, and we’re open to how you think we could evolve it 🙂

As our Digital Producer, you’ll create content to be shared on brand channels to drive brand engagement & advocacy. You’ll use your strategic ideas, creative flair and write copy across a number of different formats; emails, blogs, social media, videos, scripts, brand documents, website, case studies. You’ll be working directly with consultants/marketing agencies and freelancers to make it happen.

For this role we’re seeking a Digital Producer with 3 or more years experience creating content with a focus on writing.

Woman with her back to camera is facing a child who is posing for a photo behind bars. Sign reads 'Old Beechworth Gaol'


  • Sent 2-3 emails to our database of past guests, introducing the new brand, vision and upcoming events and promotions.
  • Developed our first audio self guided tour with the support of our marketing agency Harvey which would include getting quotes for audio recordings & signage.
  • Managed OBG social media - planning, creating and publishing content.
  • Put together a photography brief and got quotes from photographers to do a shoot that captures photos that elevates the brand, shows off all the events, experiences, food and bikes.
  • Liaised with our partners Harvey and Techne to plan the new signage across the site - including figuring out where signs should go, measurements around the site, getting quotes from signwriters, working with designers on the content.
  • Created posters, social posts and content promoting the upcoming summer season of outdoor cinema and events.
  • Updated our website (Webflow) and events & ticketing platform (Respax) to have the latest imagery, offers, descriptions and an overall great user experience.
  • Worked with arts and cultural programming lead Cassie on planning a major new brand launch event in March 2024.

About you

You stay curious and creative 

You’re a proactive self-learner and self starter with an understanding of how good content can bring out the best in a brand. You have a hunger for staying across the latest social and cultural news, and can translate your findings into your creative work to deliver on brand goals. You’re committed to continuous improvement, open to experimenting with new tools and skill building. You’re resourceful and an entrepreneurial thinker unafraid to challenge industry standards. 

You have grit and drive

You have an entrepreneurial spirit, you embrace the process, even when it’s demanding. Fuelled by courage and love for the bigger purpose to venture into uncharted territories. You are happy to get your hands dirty and fill the gaps where it’s needed to keep building on our dreams. You bounce back from challenges, and try again using what we’ve learned. 

You play smart and lean

You are organised and detail-oriented, and you are comfortable in an online environment. You manage your time well and can keep multiple plates spinning by prioritising the tasks you have on the go. You know how to use (or open to learning) tools like GDrive, Slack, Chat GPT, Canva, Descript  to maximise efficiency, and always stay solution-focused, finding creative - and sometimes scrappy - ways to solve problems. 

You want to use your skills for good You’re passionate about helping us scale our model to rejuvenate regional communities through community owned assets starting in beautiful Beechworth.

Made it this far?

If you’re reached this point on the page, we think there’s a good chance you’d make a good fit at Harvey.

Research indicates that women, gender-diverse and underrepresented people may have already talked themselves out of applying. Even if you don’t tick every box we encourage you to get in touch.

Our team have diverse experiences and perspectives from our varied backgrounds, some growing up outside Australia, some self taught, some tertiary educated - we recognise this as a strength, a super power to solve difficult problems in new, smart and impactful ways.

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Test Digital Producer (Mid-Senior)


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